The User Profile Failed To Load And How To Fix It

Windows OS is my favorite operating system and I’m using it daily. It’s easy to use for work as well as personal purposes and entertainment. It was installed in many devices, from personal desktop, laptop to enterprise computers as well as mobile devices and internet of things.

The Windows OS isn’t open like Linux, but you can easy to customize your Windows follow the way you want with many external apps and programs. It’s very easy to enable or disable a feature or function, as well as installing new applications into the Windows system.

As you know, Windows is allowing you to create as many as users to logging to the Windows OS to use its features and functions. You can create unlimited users on a Windows operating system. Each user will have its own user profile and personal files, and these files are encrypted. You will not be able to view these files without the password.

However, somehow, your Windows profile cannot be loaded when you are logging into the Windows system. The Windows OS will be preventing you from accessing to the whole Windows system. It’s very annoying as all of your files that are related to the work and personal are stored in the system, and there is no way to get it out.

The Windows operating system, especially Windows 7 and Windows 10; will be showing you an error message like: “The User Profile Service Failed The Logon”, and automatically turn your computer off or something similar. If you want to fix this error on your Windows computer, there are a few solutions you can try to get your important data and information back.


How To Fix The User Profile Service Failed The Logon Error

In order to solve this error, the first step you have to do is booting your Windows system into the Safe Mode, with the administrator account and privilege. In the Safe Mode, any of your action will be affected to the whole Windows system. So if you want to fix the error, the action must be done in here.

Firstly, open Registry editor and try to repair the registry if possible. If the registry was successfully repaired, you will be able to logging into the Windows system again. You will not lose any file of your data. If the repair step doesn’t work, try to create a new user in Control Panel > User Accounts. You will able to create a new Windows account and use this account to access to your Windows computer to get all of your files out of the computer.

However, all files you have stored in the Desktop or personal folders that belong to the old user cannot be accessed. By default, Windows will encrypt most of these files. But if you turn off the encryption function before, then these files are accessible.

If you are using Windows 10, you can try to reset the Windows system. It will allow you to keep personal files and data, but it will remove all installed apps and programs. In this case, if you want to keep your data and personal files to be safe, you have to sacrifice a few apps and programs that you have installed on your Windows computer before.

If the Windows system protection is enabled, you can also use this feature to restore your Windows back to any working point in the past. For example: You still able to access to your computer in yesterday. So, just open this feature, ask your computer to restore itself back to yesterday and you will be fine.